When you put your seed in the ground, you want it to have the best opportunity to germinate and emerge healthy. RhizoSpear is your in-row starter or 2X2 band additive that will kick-start the biology and provide micronutrients to give your seeds a fighting chance. In side-by-side studies, our starter program showed twice the growth in roots and tops as the untreated seeds. This is due in part to the presence of SG Compliment, a blend of beneficial bacteria that focus on providing a clean biological environment and fixing nitrogen in the soil. RhizoSpear also contains a micronutrient and amino acid package that feeds the seeds. This helps to alleviate certain stresses that restrict growth and thus improve yield.

USAGE RATE: ½ gallon/acre with 3.5 gallons of 6-24-6

Application Rate
I-F: 1/2 gal w 3.5 gal 6-24-6
Product Description
Micros, Sugars & Microbes
Use Description
In-furrow micros and energy to give seeds a healthy environment for a jump start