To Till or not to Till

Posted on January 3, 2022
The debate rages on. Our growers are on the far ends of the spectrum on this issue, but we have found that leaving the residue in the fields tends to hold in the moisture and reduces nutrient loss due to winter winds in soils that are compatible with this style of farming. No matter what system you subscribe to, our program can be utilized on your crops. Everyone knows that when growing GMO corn, the […]

White Mold in Soybeans

Posted on December 1, 2021
Sclerotinia white mold, as it is known by, is a fungus that is commonly seen in more cool and wet conditions during the flowering stages. You can distinguish Sclerotia by the white, cottony growth that can be seen about 8 inches from the ground. Sclerotia, usually in dark masses and irregularly shaped, are produced by the mold on the interior of the stem. During harvest, Sclerotia may fall off the plant and onto the soil […]