Adagio Zn7

Your soil and plants need food as well as nutrients. Adagio is a solution that contains biological amino acids, sugars, signal molecules and, of course, 7% Zinc. Soils and plants develop more efficiently when Adagio is used either in foliar solutions or as soil applied. When used in conjunction with additional biological products or food sources, dramatic shifts in plant health and growth typically occur. Adagio Zn7 is a perfect fit with SG Compliment & Accelerate and also with Eubio.

Adagio Zn7 is certified by the Washington State Dept of Agriculture.

USAGE RATE: 1-4 qts per acre, soil or foliar application

7% Zn
Application Rate
Foliar or Soil: 1-4 qts
Product Description
Organic acids, sugars, Zn & live biology
Use Description
Organically certified microbial food product & live biological that improves plant & root growth and soil health.